International Documentary Association Nomination, 2018 

Print, Packaging, Typography, Brand Strategy 

A Practice for Everyday Life

A Practice for Everyday Life is a Graphic Design Studio based in London. Their approach is practical, straight forward and meaningful. The promotional book and packaging design stemmed from their approach. The cover of the wooden box is designed to slide out revealing the two books, "Our Story & Our Work", along with a promotional 12-month calendar piece and holder. This promotional piece would be received by potential clients for their Design Studio.


Spring 2017 


2 weeks 




A Practice for Everyday Life needs a practical promotional design set that covers their work, who they are, their clients, and their vision as a design team. They would like a promotional piece that reflects the company's values and vision. 

As the designer, I researched the company's work and approach and found that they are ultimately making a design impact in every category: identity, campaign, digital, exhibition, type design, signage and packaging. Including a little but of everything was my goal but still portraying the piece in a simple and practical manner. I decided to design the promotional books and split the content into two book, "our story" and "our work". The wooden box  is made to slide out to reveal both books. The company's name is engraved onto the cover of the box to give it an authentic look and feel,  reflecting the design company. 


Adobe Photoshop 

Adobe InDesign 


Book binding 


Two Promotional Books 

Calendar Holder and Calendar 

Wooden slide-out box