The Theory of Everything 

The Theory of Everything Project is from the movie, The Theory of Everything, starring Stephen Hawking's story. Using expressive typography the goal is to portray the feelings during that scene in the movie. 

Print, Typography, Production 

Port City Review, 2017 

SCAD Annual Art Journal 


Winter 2017 




I watched the movie several times to really get a feel for how I wanted the expressive typography to be displayed and sequence of events I wanted to follow. To create interesting typographic edits, cut outs, text imagery I narrowed down the message to what I want to reader to feel: dramatic, real, and extraordinary. I started taking phrases and sentences  from the movie script and creating typographic edits, meaning, a play on words such as “Black Holes aren’t black! And they Explode!” I would use a black background with white text and have the explode repeat multiple times scattered across the spread. Through the text, I want the audience to feel the emotions that they characters are going through.


When the character in the movie (Stephen) gets a robotic speech machine, his words would be in all caps, type writer text, so it’s distinct compared to the other characters. This way it will show that different characters are speaking. The book goes from completely white pages to black to represent the main character's life and a way to show time progressing. 


Adobe Photoshop 

Adobe InDesign 

Book Binding 


Expressive typography book 

Enclosure for the book 

Promotional poster 


5 weeks